How we work

IMS Accelerator Program will be broken into stages that reflect the process of starting and developing businesses.

Know Your BusinessKnow Your Investors
The objective of this stage is to ensure our participants fully
understand what it means to start a business in U.S., what
exactly they want to achieve, what is their selling point, and
what preparation they need. Reset the clock by changing their
idea is allowed.

  • Explore your industry

  • Know barriers to entry and startup cost

  • Explore regulatory environment

The goal of this stage is to explore the realistic funding opportunities for
startup business and what they need to entice investors.

  • Explore who tend to invest in their industries

  • Research on specific requirements of targeted investors

  • Build professional network with prospective investors

Know Your PlanKnow Your Strategy
The goal of this stage is to build a business plan.

  • Consider every aspect of their business and how that
    affects their business plan

  • Components of a business plan

  • Components of a one pager business plan (Executive Summary)

The goal of this stage is to have our participants execute their plans and be celebrated.

  • Execute the plan with polished presentation

  • Attract investors

  • Celebrate for progress and success