Management Consulting


  • Program Management
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Specific Task Management
  • Stakeholder Collaboration (Internal and External)
  • Performance Measurement
  • Ongoing Process Improvement
  • Analysis (Evaluation, Impact Analysis, and Continuous Performance Monitoring)
  • Road map Development
  • Reporting and Communications

TEAM IMS starts with a thorough understanding of the contract, the key players and the situation. Where possible we recommend a full audit of the current company operation condition and informational interviews with team members as a first step to analyzing the needs and developing a strategic platform.

TEAM IMS are capable of moving quickly, and working with clients to determine the criteria to be used in determining process, compliance, and success. Leadership – through our Program Manager (PM) – will begin to provide the highest level analysts, subject matter experts, and support personnel required.

TEAM IMS will monitor activity and manage costs and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

TEAM IMS is an experienced contractor and will employ a proven approach and methodology developed managing large and complex programs. Components built into this collaborative model accommodate internal and external participants. The composite architecture is made up of innovative combinations of people, processes, and technology.


Phase 1 is Start-Up. During this initial startup phase, the designated Program Manager establishes the resources, the schedules, and the budgets. Contract Deliverables and reports are also confirmed during this phase. Risk management planning and quality control measurements will be developed during start-up.

Phase 2 is the Stabilize phase. The solution team leadership (PM) will work with clients to establish baselines and the matrices to be used in determining performance and development, and to measure success. Risk mitigation, quality assurance plans, and milestones are also established during stabilization.

Phase 3, the Sustain phase. This is when day-to-day operations begin. The Program Manager will oversee planning, measurement, and monitoring of the processes to manage progress, cost, scope, and customer satisfaction. Variances and identified changes are now controlled by the configuration and quality process to ensure program success.