Market Segmentation & Targeting



Customer Base

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Channels – Media Exposure, Buyer/Distributor Identification

1. Tradeshow Identification

2. Buyer Idenfitication

Having quality products is rarely enough as a beginning step. Culture and system differences often lead to unexpected difficulties and confusion.

Companies that decide to make an entry to U.S. market need to see the real marketplace. They also desire to build professional business networking with real U.S. sales channels and vendors.

For more than 20 years IMS has created innovative and effective business development and strategic marketing campaigns for a wide range of national and international corporate and government clients. Through years with great clients and great relationships, we’ve managed to stay focused on a vision—to cut through the clutter and provide our clients with tangible, useful tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

With roots in both the U.S. and Korea, IMS has developed a special understanding for the challenges and opportunities of bringing Korean companies and services to the American market, and vice versa. In recent years, IMS has worked with the Korean Small Business Corporation to analyze small businesses, provide guidance and help them establish relationships to successfully launch business ventures in the U.S. In addition, IMS has helped American investors implement new investment projects on promising IT companies in Korea.


Strategic development and planning

Things you need to know

  • Doing business in the U.S. will not be like doing business in Asia. Making contacts with senior executives or government officials is rarely effective as a beginning step. The marketplace is loud and tumultuous, and it takes real expertise to get your company noticed.
  • Marketing in the U.S. can be expensive. A single advertisement in a major magazine or newspaper can cost $50,000. It’s possible to spend a lot of money with no good results. It’s also possible to get effective results with less. There are ways to promote with a small budget, but it takes real know-how to be effective.
  • A good consultant should be willing to tell you if your plan is feasible. At IMS we pride ourselves on providing honest, forthright
  • Doing business in Asia is very different from what you expect. Cultural differences often lead to unexpected difficulties and costs.
  • Business practice and regulatory environment in Asia sometimes pose serious obstacles. Building a workable relationship to local business and government officials requires very different approaches.