Multi-culture marketing



  • Target Specific Special Events
  • Specialized Services, Multicultural Advertising & Adaption
  • Strategic and Creative Development

IMS has earned contracts whose scope of services required outreach efforts both in the continental US and selected international markets, including work for products, services and policies, and intended to inform and influence public opinion.

Theme-based Affinities: Team IMS has worked with a broad range of groups identified in a variety of manners – ethnicity, language, media consumption, lifestyle, education, career preferences, etc. We believe the key to success working with any group is to thoroughly understand the needs, desires, culture and context of the group targeted.

Exchange Program and Public Diplomacy: IMS has conducted student exchange programs and international business education academy and seminar programs. The team in engaged now in working with international government agencies and companies to bridge culture and language gaps in order to develop successful opportunities and relationships

Cross-cultural Communications: As a company with offices in both the US and South Korea, IMS experiences cross-cultural communication internally every day. Therefore, we are very cognizant of the issues and misunderstandings that can arise. As a part of our Quality Assurance Program we will advise the State Department on how to avoid as many of these communication issues as possible, and also outline a procedure for when misunderstandings do occur.

Creating, Seeding, and Stimulating Online Communities: IMS created an online community to celebrate and remember the members of Task Force Smith, the first US Army detachment to engage the enemy in the Korean War. IMS worked with the Army, DOD, Korean government and various military units and historians to recruit and engage survivors and their families in creating what is now a vibrant and ongoing community of shared photos, stories, events and personal insights.