Schedule & events

One-month program

Approximate Completion Time 1 month / 4 weeks / 32 contract hour
Seed Funding $ 2,000 – $ 5,000
Equity 3% – 10%
Class Size 20 – 25 companies / class
Educational Objectives Learn the core skills for managing and negotiating
Learn the legal obligations and business structure selection taxation outcomes
Develop fundraising or business operation strategy
Learn the strategies proven to drive successful sales
Learn the role and contents of business plan
Develop a meaningful and realistic business plan
Required Materials Word processing capabilities
Spreadsheet capabilities
Draft business plan
Network Strong mentor connections
Training Class (Every Wednesday, Saturday, 8 times)
Peer to Peer Networking Events (Weekly, 4 times)
One-on-one Coaching (Biweekly, 2 times)
Deadline Demo Day (a day-long presentation event)
• Present product or services as convincing as they can
• Talk further to successful founders and prospective investors
Optional Services Shared Offices, Shared Administration
Curriculum Contents Class.1 Common Business Startup Mistakes
Class.2 Legal Compliance
Class.3 Market Segmentation & Targeting
Class.4 Writing a Business Plan: Overview
Class.5 Writing a Business Plan: Business Description
Class.6 Writing a Business Plan: Market Description
Class.7 Writing a Business Plan: Marketing & Sales Strategy
Class.8 Business Presentation & Skills
Grading /Performance Measurement 20% Course Participation
70% Course Delivery
10% Number of Investing Interested

Three-month program

(suitable to participants who gain positive feedback from investors through 1-month program or other efforts)

Approximate Completion Time 3 month / 12 weeks / 50 contract hour
Seed Funding $ 10,000 – $ 20,000
Equity 8% – 15%
Class Size 10 – 15 companies / class
Educational Objectives Learn how to present the business idea and plan
Learn core skills for fundraising negotiating
Practice skills for following up with prospective investors
Learn to predict investors reaction and decipher the real message in ambiguous responses
Develop strategy to change weight for each business lead
Master contract and terms preparation and review
Learn to execute business plan and money spending
Required Materials Comprehensive Business Plan
Executive Summary, Presentation Slides
Network Strong mentor and investors connections
Training Class (Every Saturday, 12 times)
Peer to Peer Networking Events (Biweekly, 6 times)
One-on-one Coaching (monthly, 3 times)
Deadline Demo Day (a day-long communication meeting)
• Share experience throughout the program
• Build long-term relationship with investors after graduation from the program
Optional Services Contract with Investors Review, Paper work and Documentation, Negotiate Fundraising
Curriculum Contents Class.1 Bids, Proposal & Invoices
Class.2 Buyer Behavior
Class.3 Branding
Class.4 Communication Clear
Class.5 Communication over the phone
Class.6 Effective Writing Skills
Class.7 Effective Meeting Skills
Class.8 Record Keeping
Class.9 Networking
Class.10 Structure a Business
Class.11 Website for Small Businesses
Class.12 Tactics of Innovation
Grading /Performance Measurement 20% Course Participation
50% Course Delivery
20% Number of Investing Interested
10% Number of Deal Sealed