Who is eligible?


Who is eligible?

We are looking to help entrepreneurs to start business in the following industries:

  • Consumer Products: Small Electronic Appliances, Fashion, and Cosmetics
  • Software, Mobile Devices Apps, and Electronic Publishing
  • Food/Restaurant

   Selection Process

A committee of IMS Accelerator Program leadership circle is responsible for the selection process. The selection process includes:

Committee will evaluate all application submissions (application questions attached). The most qualified/interesting ideas will be asked to participate in an interview.

Emphasis will be placed on identifying entrepreneurs who demonstrate a working knowledge of their business idea and a commitment to serving US-Asian international business.

Participants must commit to attending all classes, in both U.S. and Korea. Companies, missing a class will be asked to leave. the program.

Based on an evaluation of the application and interview the top 20-25 most-qualified applicants will be selected.